My Mom and the Moon, Dennisport MA


There are times when finding a subject can prove trying.

But then there’s always Mom… a willing participant in most of my exploits.

What I like about this image is the juxtaposition of youth and age, and the subtle differences in the mode of reverie: posture, eyes, engagement. While neither subject is facing the moon, both are involved with in some way. The color came together as well, I was lucky my mom was wearing pink and that my car is green.

I didn’t know the woman in the lifeguard chair and initially I thought she was my subject. After a couple of frames I gave up on her, as it was quite dark. I moved to the back of the car to take one more look at the beach to my right. At that point I saw my mom, snoozy, relaxed and enjoying seabreeze on a July night. At first I didn’t notice the woman in the lifeguard chair, and during processing I decided to lighten the tone of the image, and all of a sudden, she was there.

I feel a pang of sadness when I view this image, as it’s a moment that will never pass again. My mother is getting older, as am I, and I know her time is limited in this life. I know she is afraid of death, and I have no words of comfort to offer. I look at this image and hope she will pass lightly, quietly and peacefully, and meet me in on a beach in night.

My mom will always be my favorite subject.


The moon is a rice wafer,

I write on rice paper,

and tell you of the moon.