This summer and fall I started working with Tanyth Berkeley. We got off to a bit of an uneven start due to my many chemotherapy hospitalizations and her busy schedule. I gave Tanyth three choices of projects and let her choose which one she wanted to work on with me: Can You Make Hair for Me (blog post here), strangers/street photography, or a continuation of the work I started last summer working with one or two models (Regina was my choice, photo below). Tanyth chose to work with me doing more street photography/strangers. I enjoy this work, but now that the summer is over we have a lot less people here and my availability has been limited due to treatments and the side effects from those treatments. 

She also suggested I give myself an assignment. I’m trying to focus on a project about people with cancer and cancer survivors and some of their good luck charms, radiation masks, or any items that proven to be totems, tokens, and talismans of their experience. See image below of the women in the radiation mask.

Patty in her living room wearing her radiation mask

She shared with me a number of sources Artsy’s 11 These Photo Photographers captured the Banal Beauty of the Suburbs Here are some of the photographers she wants me to review. Many I’m already familiar with:

  • Larry Sultan
  • Laura Migliorino
  • Todd Hido
  • Holly Andres
  • Bill Owens
  • Angela Strassheim
  • William Eggleston
  • Andrew Bush
  • Doug Dubois
  • Greg Stimac
  • August Sander/People of the Twentieth Century

Here are some images I made this summer:

Tom moving into his new summer trailer.
Steven sunbathing at Gray’s Beach
Woman in a black hat at Gray’s Beach, parking lot portrait.
Martha in Dennisport, parking lot portrait.
Victoria at Pilgrim Lake
Phillip at Pilgrim Lake
Labor Day in Yarmouth Port
Selfie Girl, Sandy Neck
Labor Day, Dennisport
Labor Day, Dennisport
Victoria, Pilgrim Lake
Labor Day, Dennisport