A project by Eileen Powers

Make Hair For Me, an art project by Eileen Powers

Can you make hair for me?

In September 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer, specifically lymphoma. The ensuing months held fear, constant pain, misdirection and finally a solution. I am very grateful to all that helped me during this strange and uncertain time. Eventually I lost all of my hair (and some of my eyebrows) during chemotherapy and found I had lost my sense of self; my physical identity was missing. With that experience in mind I wanted to create positive imagery out of being hairless.

The goal of this project is to collaborate with other artists and have them make hair for me either in real time in my studio, or digitally. After undergoing many treatments I felt compelled to create something positive out the the experience of being hairless. I also realized that friends, family and strangers wanted to help in some way; I created this activity so all can participate.

It is my intent to print, share, post and show these images in a an exhibition setting. Please note that when the images are taken and submitted to me I plan to use them on social media and in other possible outlets. We will both be credited for the work.


  1. Create hair for me out of materials that normally aren’t considered hair.
  2. This includes any materials, any colors and any textures, natural or manufactured.
  3. Decide whether your idea needs a background or will work on a neutral background

For those making actual “hair”:

  1. Hair must have enough structure or adhesive to be placed on my head and remain there for photographing
  2. Contact me to set up a time to do a photoshoot once your “hair” is ready
  3. Bring along any accessories you will need, ie: a safe adhesive. Let me know if you want to me wear any special clothes or colors

For those making digital “hair”:

  1. Please use the files/images that are supplied at the size and proportion at which they are supplied.
  2. All images need to be high resolution (they are supplied as such)
  3. Please name your file with the following convention: Lastname_Firstname_MakeHairforMe.tiff or psd (this way I know it’s you who made it!)
  4. Send your file to me, contact info and/dropbox below

My email for the project is [email protected]

For those making and mailing hair:
Please contact or message me at [email protected] and I will send you my address.

Thank you in advance for you creativity and your support during this strange yet wondrous time.

Download the high-resolution ZIP file of the nine images here.