Eileen Powers

artist, photographer and designer

Also a graphic designer and illustrator, Eileen brings a keenly-trained aesthetic eye to the camera. She is an MFA candidate (visual arts/photography) at Lesley University with a special interest in environmental and social portraiture. She one day hopes to have a better headshot.

Some of her ongoing project are: Campers of Sandy Neck; Local Strangers; Pela Janela: Through a Window; and Carnival in Provincetown, and Matrix 9.

In Gray

picture & verse book project

Recently, Eileen continues to work on a book project entitled, In Gray. The book is a series of images and verses inspired by coastal winter, the sea, and loss. Read more on the blog.

In Gray is the first in a series of photo and verse books.


Eileen has studied with such notable photographers as Constantine Manos, Greg Miller, John Paul Caponigro, Stella Johnson and Terry Abrams. She attended the Maine Media Workshops, MassArt, Syracuse University, UMass Dartmouth and Caponigro Studios in Cushing, Maine, and recently began studying with master printer Bob Korn. Eileen studied advertising and branding with Steve Cosmopulos, Willie Baronet, and John Waters. She holds a B.A. in creative studies, and an M.A. in advertising design, and a graduate certificate in interactive media. She is an M.F.A. candidate at Lesley University.


Javatime Design

In 2000, Eileen opened Javatime Design on Nantucket and has helped hundreds of clients with print projects, logos, and other graphic design projects. When need arose, she picked up the camera and began creating the images for graphic design projects. This love of photography grew, and now as an accomplished photographer, Eileen creates portraits, books, prints, and photography for all needs. She sells prints as Cape Coastal Photography on Etsy and shows her work on Cape Cod and beyond.
Eileen is lives on Cape Cod and lives with Tom; her pyrador,Sampson; and the perennially fashionable, Ms. Louise Cheeze.

perennially fashionable, Ms. Louise Cheeze

Eileen Powers, photographer
In Gray, images and words by Eileen Powers
Javatime Design