In Gray, pictures and verse by Eileen Powers, book cover

I’m excited to announce my new book if pictures and verse, In Gray. After years of creating projects to clients, I finally took some time to combine two beloved disciplines, poetry and photography. The proof should arrive next week, and after some necessary adjustments, I’ll be printing a limited-edition, softcover run that can be purchased at and More details to come.

Here’s the book description from

Poet and seaside photographer, Eileen Powers, combines verse, muted imagery and expressive typography to create a simple, yet compelling work about winter by the sea on Cape Cod: fragments of thought, lost connections and talk of snow. Powers weaves a thoughtful pantoum-form poem in and around images of the off season by the sea. This is the first in a series of works that combines photography and verse.

I started writing poetry as soon as could form words. As early the first grade, I remember hearing words and rhythms when I closed my eyes. As an adult I often start humming cadences before I add the words. The book is a culminated of many seasons of photographing, writing and seeing.

When I started writing the poem, In Gray, I had some trouble with the flow. After switching to the repeating pantoum form, the lines fell into place. It’s one of my favorites forms and, to me, underscores the sound of the sea.

As always, I appreciate any and all support of my work. As an artist I try to mix words and picture in ways that are both familiar and mysterious.

Thank you for seeing and reading.