• Polar Express, Buzzards Bay
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  • Polar Express, Buzzards Bay

So in December 2013, my brother and I decided to take an evening jaunt to Buzzards Bay. It was freezing and dark, and we both armed ourselves with gloves and tripods. We made out way down Main Street past the antiques store, the acupuncturist and the ice cream parlor. I stopped here and there, snapped and clicked, while Mike focused on the images of the railroad bridge.

Tiring of the shops and the made looks I was getting, I crossed the street just as a train was steaming into the depot. I stopped…this was on ordinary train. There were lights and wreaths and possibly punch! And long line of children and elves waiting to board! What is this crazy Yuletide Train? And how come I’d never seen it before?

I got my tripod set up and slowed my shutter down to about one second. I clicked away in the hopes of catching a ghostly santa or speedy elf. Or possibly some anxious children (as displayed above). What momentous night. Who doesn’t love a train?

So a few weeks later I met up with my friend Sheila, a mad mermaid, and described the magical locomotive that had appeared out of nowhere.

“Didn’t you know, that’s the Polar Express, they do that every year.”

“What is this Polar Express? And why has targeted advertising not found me??”

So Sheila kindly explained one finest winter tourist attraction to me. Who knew, all this time we had this great choo-choo in the neighborhood and I had now idea. Hooray!