• Sam, Long Beach, 2015
  • Sam at Long Beach, Centerville, Cape Cod

Sam and I couldn’t decide it we liked the sun or moon version of this image. Sam is possibly a bit more interested in the moon version as he has been known to howl. I shot this at high noon and exposed for the highlight and kept the shadows pretty dark. I then desaturated the image, and added some additional toning and recovered some of the highlights.

I will say, I do think the moon version is a bit much, but it’s fun to try alternate versions in Photoshop. These high contrast situations can be very tricky. I added a little bit of HDR toning at 10-15% to give it a little bit more punch.

About a millisecond after I snapped the shutter Sam tore off after some beach twinkie Bichon Frise. I then spent the next half hour trying to leash him back up. Dogs and photography don’t always mix!