Pela Janela

Pela Janela series by Eileen Powers

Pela Janela, Wellfeet


For many years I lived on the island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. When I left the island to live on the Cape, I found myself commuting back and forth on the high-speed ferry for work.  I’d leave in the morning, meet with clients and return later in the day. The ferry can be crowded depending on the time of year, so I tend to see in the seats no one wants, way in the back on the side of the sun. More often that not I’m seated next to a person that’s loud, or smells of cigrarettes or beer. In response I take my camera our, shift my body toward the window and start shooting. The results were very interesting, painterly and somewhat abstract, so I began using windows, windshields and other scrims in my work.