• Building on Cathedral Parkway, NYC
  • CP1455-1
  • CentralPark1453
  • Duke1456
  • Hallway
  • CathPkwy1458
  • Deli6565
  • 110thst
  • MalXBlvd
  • Tricycle1463


What I Saw While You Were Dying


On the way to your apartment

I passed a building like a boat.

I smelled urine and smoke

coffee and sweat and bus.


I walked your dog in the park.

We fetched, we sniffed, we both peed.

I looked up at your window.

You are swimming in air.


There was a fountain I had seen only in pictures,

A walkway from a stranger’s wedding,

The weight of a bird on a bench.


I went right near the deli,

waited on the corner for the moon.

No shine, no silver, no cheese.


I need a shower and a shave.


I climb the stairs, ring the bell,

leave my shoes in the hall.

There is weeze, and work and dread.


I take pictures of pictures of you.

It the only thing I know how to do.


Grates, fire escapes, large men walking small dogs.

The windows are wide,

this is a noisy place to die.

Forgive me.


Blink, shutter, snap.